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MG Viewer, an Augmented Reality app by TastyAppz!

Many Belgian citizen have a « brique dans le ventre » (literally, a brick in the belly), meaning that they are willing to become owner of their house. Maisons Gabriel, a Belgian Housebuilding company, decided to allow anyone to see his/her future house before it’s actually built. How? By asking TastyAppz to created a mobile Augmented Reality […]

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BringMeBeatz on Android

BringMeBeatz Music discovery mobile app is almost finished. Have a look at the latest Android screenshots here: http://www.tastyappz.com/portfolio-items/bringmebeatz-android/

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Titanium evaluation

In the frame of Titanium Studio evaluation started a couple of weeks earlier, TastyAppz is working on a Proof of concept mobile app targeting both IOS and Android Smartphones. So what is the outcome of this? We could give some explanations, technical overview, talk about limitations and gotchas, but let’s make it simple: here are […]

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BringMeBeatz – new screenshots

BringMeBeatz mobile app is currently under development. Check out new screenshots here: http://www.tastyappz.com/portfolio-items/bringmebeatz/

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TastyAppz is currently evaluating Appcelerator’s Titanium IDE and find it really powerful. More feedback in a couple of weeks.

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