« The BringMeBeatz experiment »

(or « TastyAppz is playing with Adobe Air »)

BringMeBeatz, the new free mobile and desktop app by TastyAppz, will help you to discover the latest music bombs that make the buzz on the web.
Moreover it will assist you in finding the music you like and read great comments and advice from musical blog all around the world.

Based on Hype Machine and others music aggregator, BringMeBeatz is a simple and efficient way stay informed about what’s happening in the music world.

Check the other screenshots  here!


 » Why should I give a try? »

Among its features, let’s point out

– Multiple audio sources. Using HypeMachine, SoundCloud, SoundOwl. MP3Skulls, mp3appe and others should follow.
– Learn more about music you discover: Read blogs, get artist information from and Discogs.
– Track caching allows you to listen to music even in disconnected/offline mode!
– more feature, among which, direct acces to ITunes/PlayStore to find and buy music.

« What took you soo long? »

We initially planed to release it on both Android Market and Appstore this year.

We will eventually release it, !along with the source code!, but no more commitment about the date. The app is constantly evolving and other business tasks require all our attention for the moment, which is a good news for us 🙂

Even if the app is not finished yet, we do believe it is ready to be release « into the wild ». Just remember: no support, no doc, just the app.

So, we decided to make the app available on our site. You can grab the Android version or the Windows/Mac/Linux version available here:


Downloads (for Android and Windows/Mac/Linux)

BringMeBeatz for Android     BringMeBeatz for Windows/Mac/linux



– Have a look at The ‘More’ tab. There, you can ‘Take a tour’ of the app.
The tour will give you some basic information about the app (the tour visuals are not yet there, but the explanations are ok)

Notes for Mobile users:

– Popup menu is displayed using the swipe left/right gesture.


Notes for Windows/Mac/Linux:

– Requires Adobe Air Runtime to be installed on your machine. It’s lightweight, free and simple to install.
Get Adobe Ari here:

– Swipe gesture are not working on this release, so you wil have to SHIFT CLIK on music track to display the popup menu.


Yes, the app is ready and working on IPhone (we use it), but we are not able to release the signed IPA for the moment. The best way would be to submit it on the store. We will eventually do it, but, again, no commitment about the date.

In the mean time, here is a version of the app that might work on jailbroken devices : BringMeBeatz for jailbroken IDevices.
Any feedback about that would be appreciated.


2 Responses to “BringMeBeatz”

  1. G 2013/07/25 at 17:56 #

    Hey guys, quick question, I am new here and in mobile dev. I believe I read that you used adobe Air to build your app. Did that bring any problem when subminitting the app on different appstores?



  2. Pascal Dal Farra 2013/07/26 at 08:48 #


    Submitting Adobe apps implies some checks. Following this guide Guide for Apple App Store submissions AND paying attention to storage should be OK.
    About storage, read, Preventing Automatic Cloud Backup on iOS devices and AIR App Compliance with Apple Data Storage Guidelines (+ plus google a bit about that)

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