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great MBaaS

MBaaS Mobile App development implies many skills including application architecture, programming languages and design. These are common the most common ones. But, as mentioned previously on our blog, one must not forget the server side. The problem is back-end server code including features like data syncing, authentication, etc.. requires some experience mobile app developers do […]

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Make your own DropBox

At the time when accessing data across multiple device is more than ever a reality, the ‘cloud data storage’ service provider are in tough competition. The more well-known player, DropBox, is followed by many challengers, each of them proposing their own flavor of cloud data storage. Among the big guys, we have Google Drive, that […]

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Fancy QR Codes

« … and of course, I want my mobile app to read QR codes ». Yes, QR codes are useful, but they are not really cool. Just chat with designers, they will tell you how sad and bad they are when added in any graphical communication. The time has come to make them fancy. Unicode company gives […]

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Mobile Apps and the web

Mobile apps usually do not live on their own: they belong and interact with their environment, may it be simple or complex. One of the most basic and simple type of network entities an app collaborate with is web server. So, what is the server is down, does not response or is not reachable? TastyAppz […]

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BringMeBeatz Facebook page updated

BringMeBeatz Facebook page has been updated. You can now have access to any Tastyappz pages starting from

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