Customer Testimonial

A few months ago, selected TastyAppz to create it’s new enterprise grade IPad application.

What was the result of this collaboration? How does dINK experienced working with us?

« The task given to TastyAppz was complex due to the many interfaces to existing systems. Thanks to the professional delivery process and expert skills, the result is exceeding our high expectations. »

said Jan Dheedene, dINK CEO (2012-12-03).

dINK cooperated with TastyAppz to upgrade the dINK iOS app with new features and a new user interface. The app is now used in large scale environment within major biomedical companies.
As a result, dINK’s end-to-end publishing solution is now powered, on client side, by a bran new IPad app crafted by TastyAppz.

A new page will soon be added in our portfolio to let you now how we work, what kind of services we provide, and, basically, how we do consider an effective and productive customer relation should be build.
In the mean time, you can check dINK’s website to see what are the key features of their solution.

About dINK

dINK makes sales more effective: the dINK sales library on tablets enables customer facing staff to adapt the interaction with customers and prospects to what really interests them, allowing for better qualification and condensed sales process.


About Pascal Dal Farra

TastyAppz founder, I am a Computer Science Engineer and Software Architect. I create smart, robust and flexible mobile applications for different business sectors as Telecoms, Health and Multimedia. Business requirements and ergonomic are the corner stones around which apps are created.
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