Make your own DropBox

At the time when accessing data across multiple device is more than ever a reality, the ‘cloud data storage’ service provider are in tough competition.

The more well-known player, DropBox, is followed by many challengers, each of them proposing their own flavor of cloud data storage.

Among the big guys, we have Google Drive, that was the last missing part of the Google platform. Apple is offering iCLoud service for a while to its customers, and Miscrsoft’s anwer is SkyDrive.
They are plenty of other smaller challengers, we could not talk about all of them. let’s pick BitCasa which is betting on ‘infinite storage’. Infinite… wow!

No matter which solution you choose, you will always have to rely on someone else for your data. So anytime a change occurs, may it be commercial, infrastructure related, or whatever, you will have no other choice than accept it.
That’s where OwnCloud offer something new: the full control and ownership of your cloud and its infrastructure! No more 2 or 5 Gb free plan.. Use all your disk space as you want (just consider using Raid or backing up the Owncloud server).

To put this in a nutshell, let’s say that you can install your own ‘Owncloud’ server on any web-server, may it be one you already rent, or a in house server.
The only requirement on the server is php.. Which webserver can’t have php? none ūüôā

TastyAppz is running it’s Owncloud and we are able to access our files from anywhere, even from mobile devices thanks to the OwnCloud web interface or the native owncloud mobile apps.
One last thing good to know: our self made mobile apps can also access OwnCloud hosted data!

So, grab the 4.5 release here and go for it!

About Pascal Dal Farra

TastyAppz founder, I am a Computer Science Engineer and Software Architect. I create smart, robust and flexible mobile applications for different business sectors as Telecoms, Health and Multimedia. Business requirements and ergonomic are the corner stones around which apps are created.
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