Mobile Apps and the web

Mobile apps usually do not live on their own: they belong and interact with their environment, may it be simple or complex.

One of the most basic and simple type of network entities an app collaborate with is web server. So, what is the server is down, does not response or is not reachable?
TastyAppz bring an answer to this with its local data framework that let the app works seamlessly, may the server be reachable or not.

There is much to says about that, but let’s just point out the free, effective and easy to use UptimeRobot web service.
It keeps an eye on your production web sites, check ping status and response time at regular interval.

Of course, is monitored by this free on-line tool and didn’t encountered any down time yet.

Uptime Robot

About Pascal Dal Farra

TastyAppz founder, I am a Computer Science Engineer and Software Architect. I create smart, robust and flexible mobile applications for different business sectors as Telecoms, Health and Multimedia. Business requirements and ergonomic are the corner stones around which apps are created.

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  1. Pascal Dal Farra 2012/12/12 at 10:48 #

    So good we are using this tool: Lately, it allows us to figure out that our site was down for a few hours.

    Now everything is fine: problem solved and back online ūüôā

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